How much it will cost to build a house

The average cost to build a house varies from state to state and it depends on some other factors like terrain, construction, labor, size of house, floors, luxuries one prefers to be in his house and other legal requirements.
Standard single-family residence includes: 1 floor, 3 bedrooms, one suite with bathroom, toilet, living room, circulation, kitchen, laundry area with bathroom and garage)

Cost to build a house?

This question How much it will cost to build a house or townhouse can be answered in a few ways, below the main ones:
  • Hire a Budgeter: There are companies/professionals that specialize in budgeting, usually charged per square meter.
  • Consult engineer/architect who made your project: This professional does not always make a prediction, but will certainly give you tips.
  • CUB of your state: This is an official average cost per state, one of the easiest ways to get a cost estimate, but only an average of values.
  • Cost Prediction Program: There are programs that calculate costs for each stage of the work, where you enter the work configuration and the program calculates the estimated final value of the work, usually directed to engineers, builders and construction companies.

Calculating the cost of building

The trend of the bigger the house is the higher the cost, but this is not always true, as many other factors may be involved, see below some of the main issues that may influence the final price of a house
The items that most influence the cost of the house are: House Size, Finishing Pattern, Architecture, Land Type (detailed below).

1. House standard

One of the issues that most influences the final cost of the home is the standard of finishing, as there is a wide range of material prices and placement services for these materials. A popular standard home will undoubtedly cost a lot less than a high standard home. Examples of materials that can vary up to 1000% (one thousand percent):
  • Coatings: Ceramic or Porcelain, the service for placing these coatings can also vary greatly.
  • Wall Finishing: Only in plaster and with running putty or acrylic putty;
  • Ceiling Type: Leave in plaster, PVC lining or else make recess in plaster with details in moldings
  • Roofing: Ceramics without varnish or paint or color imported tiles.
  • Bathroom, Kitchen & Washware & Accessories: Between costs of taps, sinks, basins, showers, mixers the difference can be daunting.

2. House Architecture

Architecture is closely linked to the House Standard, as a popular house that has only one floor with basic rooms (bathroom, living room, kitchen and bedrooms) will have a very different architecture than a house with 4 or more rooms, with sauna, office, among others. others. Let's suppose we have 2 200m2 2-story houses with equivalent trim standard, one can cost X and another can cost X + 20%, due to architecture, the more details on windows, doors, roofs or ceiling height, more will cost the house.

3. Type of Terrain

If the house will be built on flat ground the value will be one, if it is built on the uphill, downhill or very rough terrain the value may be quite different, as more structure will have to be created for the foundation of the house, as well as costs with the entrance of the house. garage and for people access.

4. Type of hiring of labor

If you hire a contractor or builder your cost may be higher, but often it may be the best option (but no doubt this is for discussion) because you are hiring a company that has employees with charges, employee profit, and other expenses. indirect. By hiring a professional or a small team of professionals and managing the work yourself, the cost may be much lower, but it depends on your time, knowledge and courage to do so.
As we can see that the value of a house can vary greatly, it is possible to build with $ 50,000 , but a house can easily pass $ 500,000. However, one way to estimate the construction of the house is to use CUB / m2 as a basis, below for more details.

Cub / m2 (Estimated Cost)

CUB's main objective is to provide and discipline the real estate market in the country serving as the basis for real estate costs. The question you must ask yourself now is how to know the cost of my home in my state or region considering the standard of finish? The answer to this question is that standards have been created for standard projects of each country.
If you want to calculate the cost to build a house contact us we can help you in this regard. Remember that the cost to build a house varies according to the modifications you implement during construction so whenever you calculate the cost to build a house it is an average cost the actual cost may vary a little from this cost.

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