10 Steps of the house builder to Build Your Perfect House

Building a house is not an easy decision, because it requires planning, budgeting and following a series of steps for the project to culminate successfully. Even so, a house builder cannot ignore this goal and, rather, he has to verify the different stages to build a house from scratch, starting from the initial idea and projecting it towards the house of our dreams. Therefore, all house builders recommend a series of steps to build the perfect house from scratch:

1. Professional assistance: look for an architect

The first step will be to contact an expert architect or house builder, to whom you can comment on the particularities of the project, what type of house you want to build and what is the favorite design, as a guide. The architect must have the ability to channel these observations to begin designing a comfortable home, adapted to the number of occupants.

2. Find a plot

If you own a land, you have part of the process of building a new completed home. If you still do not own a plot on which to build, buy one with the architect's guidance, he will know how to choose land with sufficient reception of air, natural light, and nearby urban areas.

3. Previous field studies

You will need a different professional, this time a surveyor to conduct a topographic study of the plot, to know the unevenness, the total measurements, reliefs, and additional elements. The geotechnical study requires drilling to check the strength and composition of the purchased plot and is also used to structure the house before building. Finally, the architect will provide a blueprint to corroborate the projection of the house until it reaches the ideal design. The three studies are presented in the form of drawings and plans.

4. Technical aspects of the design

Again, we will take advantage of the services of the architect who will prepare the following documents for the project: basic project and executive project. The first one contains the plans and description of works, and it is essential to obtain a license for major works requested by the city council to build. The other includes a detailed description of the size of the work, materials to be used, finishes and measurements. It contains floor plans, facilities and structural.

5. The direction of the work

In this step there is a rigger who will be in charge of taking the reins to build a new home and that everything goes correctly in aspects of safety and quality.

6. Select the builder

The next step is crucial since it involves hiring a team of house builders or a company dedicated to the construction of works for the project. Bet on the best decision taking into account the experience, references, and advice that a company can provide if your desire is to build a house from scratch under the best terms. Go for a house builder who is working as a company specialized in integral work, interior design and renovations, who provide a complete multidisciplinary team , consisting of: Architect, Surveyor, Masons, Engineer, Geotechnical Study, Construction Management, Masonry Work, Measurements, work licenses, first Occupation, Quality Control, Health and Safety, renewable facilities and energy. In addition, who handles all work permits, projects and designs, offering a written warranty on all jobs.

7. Manage basic services

One of the steps to build a house is to ensure that the documents to start are in order, as well as basic supplies and services such as electricity and water. Construction materials will have to be purchased and then stored in a moisture-free enclosure within the land. To avoid delays in the work, the electricity and water service must be requested well in advance.

8. Start the work

At this point, the construction team will be formed and each member will be aware of their functions. The architect and the professional rigger will visit the work periodically to verify that it is carried out according to the client's specifications and in the stipulated time.

9. Construction completion

Both the builder and the rigger and architect will deliver the final work to the owner. The next thing will be to review the physical conditions of the plant and that the house follows safety and legality guidelines. Recognized the work by the client, professionals can sign the final work document, as well as a count of the guarantees of the property.

10. Declaration of new construction

Finally, the first occupation license, the certificate of occupancy, cadastral registration, energy certificate and the final discharge, after the initial one, of water, electricity and gas will be managed with the final construction document. ________________________________________ We hope to have clarified your doubts if you are determined to build a house from scratch, but if you are still not clear, we invite you to contact us so that we can assess your particular case.

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